Monday, April 04, 2005

Point of Information

Can anyone else out there in BlogLand who uses verify something for me: There are days when just seems to be flat-out broken. Different browsers return different errors, but in Firefox for Mac, which I'm using as my primary browser, in the last two weeks or so I've been getting these bursts of "Document contains no data" errors, no matter which page I'm trying to view. These last for a few hours, and then disappear. In Safari, the error message is different, but the net effect is the same: Sometimes just ain't gonna work, and you have to sit on whatever it is you wanted to say until it's fixed.

Needles to say, this is damned irritating.

I don't want to distract from the usual fun-n-games with a bunch of tech talk, but if you know anything about this, could you drop something in the Comments area, or just hit me back at NeddieJingo at aol dot com -- I'd appreciate it.

(Goddammit, it just happened again, when I tried to hit "Publish" on this post. It's Arnie. PostModern Arnie.) mentions they're having an outage, but they say nothing about this being at least the third one of these outages I've seen in two weeks.

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Bobby Lightfoot said...

Turkey li'l pitties!!!!