Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam

Oh, goody! I can go back to unambiguously detesting the Pope! I'd almost forgotten what that was like.

(Later -- Edited the title, adding that "m" to "Papam." Can't have improper Latin case declension in a post declaring the Pope a Cock.)


Bobby Lightfoot said...

Yeah, The Pope Is A Cock.

What I wanna know is how many of our boys he waxed when he was fighting for th' Wermacht in WWII.

Somebody has to ask the tough questions.

Bistroist said...

None. He wasn't doing any fighting as such, but setting up tank traps and the like. He has claimed that his gun wasn't even loaded.

Still a cock though.

Neddie said...

Oh, ya, plenty of reasons for Cockhood (heh) even without the Nazi Thing: Dissing Liberation Theology for John Paul, the priestly-celibacy thing, the promise to continue to enforce the utterly confounding insistence on forbidding contraception. Cock.

Bobby Lightfoot said...