Thursday, April 07, 2005

Truly Not Insane

Hah! You see? I'm not crazy!

(Well. Maybe just a little.)

Best advice I can give is, compose your blog entry offline in a simple ASCII text editor (Notepad, or I'm using just good old TextEdit for OSX) and save it there before pasting it into Blogger's text-entry widget. If you save as HTML, you can preview your text and test your links in a browser; you just won't see the CSS formatting. That way you'll at least avoid what happened to me the other day: an entire gorgeous blog-entry flushed into the ether.

The other stuff, the double-publishing, "document contains no data" errors, etc., I don't think we can do anything about -- that's Google's headache. And boy, I hope it hurts.

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Linkmeister said...

Well, hell. I would have suggested the offline composition, since I've been doing it that way for 3+ years, but I didn't think it would have any impact on Blogger's troubles as such.

The additional benefit to that method is that you have a text-copy archive of your posts.