Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Twin sons of different mothers

Wonder Woman and I are getting a rare treat tonight, an occasion out to go and act like grownups: We're going to see Todd Rundgren, Joe Jackson and Ethel the Frog down at the Warner Thea-tahhhh. WW's been a slavish Toddnik since Hermit of Mink Hollow, and I've admired him at least since he browbeat Andy Partridge into making the Finest Pop Record In All of Time and Space. Lately he's been a bit recalcitrant, but I just downed his "Liars" from last year, and it sounds like it's got some fire in its belly. I shall hum the Munsters Theme Song as he takes the stage -- a joke that will be understood by approximately four people between here and Portland, Oregon. But four very nice people, with excellent taste in music.

Joe's been a pal since Look Sharp! and I played last year's Volume 4 until I wore out the...er...ones and zeroes...on the...thingy.

Is there a needle inside the CD player? And does it ever need to be replaced?

And what about the little man inside who sings all the songs? Doesn't he ever get tired?


Bobby Lightfoot said...

FIVE people, daddy-o.

"There's only room for one Hitler in this bunker."

Employee of the Month said...

Don't forget to wear your Official Colonel C*** Hat.

The Millionaire Playboy said...

By my reckoning, "Liars" is quite the good album. Although, my drum'n'bass friend was hating the beats. My take: the songs are the thing.

blue girl said...

Hi! I'm new to your site -- linked from Lance Mannion. How was Todd? I've seen him, maybe 5 times over the last 20 years. Never left thinking it was a "great show." "Back to the Bars!" Such great memories...have you ever listened to "Nearly Human?" -- It's great.

Kaitain said...

Six people.

Andy Partridge is a grumpy but funny man.