Friday, April 15, 2005

Gotta Stop Reading these Books...

...I'm going to go bats...

Civil War as Fraternity Prank:

From Joseph Nichols' Legends of the Loudoun Valley:
At least twice when the Union army occupied Harpers Ferry [Mobberly] rode up on the Loudoun Heights, raised a Confederate flag, gave the rebel yell, fired his carbine and then stood laughing when the Union soldiers ran for cover. He once waked up George Bajent in the middle of the night and forced him to walk nine miles in his night clothes to Hillsboro where he left him.
Joe Bageant's unavailable right now, but I'm certain that's another of his ancestors.

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Joe Bageant said...

Yup! That's another relative.

As you can see, the spelling of Bageant got a bit phonetic for about a hundred years.

Thanks for the info Neddie. i'm sure it's the sort of thing old George Bejent never bragged about to his grandkids.

As in: "Yessiree childrun. I was marched nine miles flap down in my long johns at swordpoint by a Yankee jes for sport."

Hell, the way I heard it all those Bajents and Bageants (we were on both sides, just in case) always charged the enemy balls down and scratching gravel and run'em clean up the crick towards home. But my pappy couldna been wrong, I guess."

Joe Bageant