Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Great Day for Music

Surely ... surely ... SURELY I'm not the only grubby obsessive out there in BlortSpace who, when being apprised by this morning's Washington Post of the discovery of a fragment of a hitherto unknown Bach aria in a shoebox in Weimar immediately supplied the remainder of the lead paragraph:
In 1954 Professor Peter Schickele, rummaging around a Bavarian castle in search of rare musical gems, happened instead upon the original manuscript of a Sanka Cantata by one P.D.Q. Bach, being employed as a strainer in the caretaker's percolator. A cursory examination of the music immediately revealed the reason for the atrocious taste of the coffee; and when the work was finally performed at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople, the Professor realized too late that he had released a monster on the musical world.
Inspired, I hopped over to my Short-Tempered Clavier and banged out a Pervertimento, a Serenude, a Perückenstück, and the Andante from the Schleptet in E-flat major.

What a wonderful day for music!

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Employee of the Month said...

a great day indeed...