Monday, June 13, 2005

Posting Lite

I'm attending a conference downtown today and tomorrow, so posting's going to necessarily be a little sparse.

Conference title: "Tempest, Meet Teapot: The American Left's Amazing Propensity to Chew Its Own Legs Off in Fine Weather and Foul."

Meanwhile I'm making some astonishing discoveries.

For one thing, apparently By Neddie Jingo! has been deemed by the pitiless, seething Darwinian Google selection process to be a World's Leading Authority -- seriously, the Internet's Go-To Guy -- on the toweringly trivial twin topics of Evangeline Lilly's parachoques and Sixties food.

Such responsibility! I'm a veritable Daily Kos when it comes to turkey pitties and Tang. How can I most effectively alienate such a burgeoning audience? The Comments section awaits your acerbic suggestions.


Flamingo Jones said...

Mmm. Tang.

I love Tang. I especially love hot Tang for breakfast when I'm camping.

Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang.

Oh wait....I'm not helping, am I?

Employee of the Month said...

Yes, Tang. You campers may not know that it also makes a servicable snake and bear repellant. And if you have to ditch in the open ocean, Tang makes a swell rescue dye-marker as well as, again, a shark repellant.

Tang. Is there nothing it can't do.

Tang. Ask for it by name.

Vache Folle said...

Tang, in my youth, was preferable to orange juice because it was the choice of the astronauts. I would try to imagine that I was weightless while I drank my Tang and longed to put it in a pouch so I could drink my Tang upside down.

Why does Tang still exist now that orange juice preservation technology has advanced so much? I reckon it is like cured ham or salt cod; you don't need to preserve things this way, but you love the taste.

blue girl said...

I'll put my thinkin' cap on for you -- but, really I've got my own dilemma.

Seems like I'm the Internet's Go-To Girl for animated porn -- and I've been thinking of a way to address their, ahem, interests immediately in every post -- so they don't leave completely disappointed.

But, alas it's not my clever use of nouns and verbs they are interested in seeing.

See my reaction when my virgin eyes made this discovery:

Also -- of all the posts I read awhile back, your sixties post had me thinking for weeks! And I really did think Wonder Woman had the best solution!

de Selby said...

Astronaut food, for a minute I thought she was
Astronaut food, oh astronaut food
I'd hate to be mistaken for
Astronaut food.
~ Sopwith Camel