Friday, August 26, 2005

What He Said

Yes, yes.... This is more or less what my spittle-flecked windshield gets to hear whenever I drive past Patrick Henry College to go grocery shopping. Via Pharyngula, Darksyde over at Unscrewing the Inscrutable serves the God Gene up on a bed of lettuce and avocado garnish:
Lots of death, famine, drowning, and apocalypse litter these Godly wakes, all sewn up w[i]th apologists for each and all. Apologists quick to earnestly explain at great length why the entity in question perfectly imitates a being that does not exist at all, and cannot be detected by any empirical means including ones we haven't thought up yet, but is nevertheless round us every second of every day. Damn that's pretty convenient isn't it? They're there, see ... they're there: They're just invisible to any possible sensing device or organ. And in almost every case this supernatural menagerie possesses a seemingly obsessive concern about the most trivial human behavior including, but not limited to, the architecture of our homes, how we prepare cheese and meat, the length of our beards, masturbation, and a whole list of other obscure, loony shit.
Most of his Comments center on the Community that religion offers. As if the comradeship and filiality you get out of your bowling league or just a nice chat with the grocery clerk is somehow degraded and profane, lacking as it is in the Grace that from Old Nobodaddy Doth Flow. I call bullshit on that.


Neil Shakespeare said...

"OLD NOBODADDY"! LOL! Love that! Hmmmm. I'll have to go through my materials piles and find that sucker!

Neddie said...

William Blake - When Klopstock England Defied

When Klopstock England defied,
Uprose William Blake in his pride;
For old Nobodaddy aloft
. . . and belch'd and cough'd;
Then swore a great oath that made Heaven quake,
And call'd aloud to English Blake.
Blake was giving his body ease,
At Lambeth beneath the poplar trees.
From his seat then started he
And turn'd him round three times three.
The moon at that sight blush'd scarlet red,
The stars threw down their cups and fled,
And all the devils that were in hell,

Answer├Ęd with a ninefold yell.
Klopstock felt the intripled turn,
And all his bowels began to churn,
And his bowels turn'd round three times three,
And lock'd in his soul with a ninefold key; . . .
Then again old Nobodaddy swore
He ne'er had seen such a thing before,
Since Noah was shut in the ark,
Since Eve first chose her hellfire spark,
Since 'twas the fashion to go naked,
Since the old Anything was created . . .

Neil Shakespeare said...

William Blake? Shit, I think I need to go back to college. Thanks, Jingo...