Monday, January 02, 2006

G. F. Handel to the White Courtesy Phone...

I promise I'll stop regaling you with my GarageBand Jam Pack 4 bijoux, cross my heart, but I still had to pass this one on.

I can't tell you on how many levels this little one-minute ditty just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. My parents were (and still are) major Baroque-and-rollers, and the sound of Georgie Fred Handel wafting up from downstairs while bacon and pancakes frizzle on the kitchen stove is as close as my memory gets get to Saturday Morning Sleep-in Heaven.

And I just love the pomposity of it! Dear God, give me a periwig, some servants to snap at peevishly while hammered on port, and a Baroque orchestra at my beck and call, and I care not who makes the nation's laws. (Something to do with political parties maintaining a principled opposition capable of preventing abuses by the monarch or by specific factions within the government, I thought I heard Edmund Burke mutter t'other day, but I could have heard it wrong...)

I'm stuck for a title. "Water Music" is already taken, I think, and "Fireworks Music," but how about "Gas Music: Concerto Grossissimo"?

At any rate, Here's the Overture.


gavin m. said...

Wah. You're an ever-surprising talent, Mr. Jingo.

Do they have a version for WinXP?

fgfdsg said...

Why do I have visions of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman riding in a carriage in period garb? Oh that's right, i'm a drug addict.

Great work - i'm in love with the style. Orchestral instruments are punker than punk, and baroque and roll is more likely to offend the younger generations parents than something like Green Day or Marilyn Manson.

I'm off to listen to Eric Matthews and Archer Prewitt.

Bob Dwire said...

Dare I say it, Ned, but that's almost Christmassy. Not that it isn't also good, you understand.

qymyphrf: a periwigged harrumph

Akatabi said...

Gas Music from Jupiter is already taken by Dr. Happy Harry Cox and the Firesign Theater on Everything You Know is Wrong. This is how Wendy Carlos got started, you know - just sayin'.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber

The Viscount LaCarte said...

Very cool Ned.

Be careful though, or you'll be up all night with that thing and too tired to go to the office the next day...

mmeomoho - "What I I I g-g-got workin' s-s-s-signor!"

Decatur Dem said...

This is how Wendy Carlos got started, you know -
Back when Wendy was Walter?

Neddie said...

Yeah, I was gonna say... "Got started" doing what?

zkigwlkh: When you try to wlkh wearing zkigs. Very slow, but with practice one achieves a certain off-kilter elegance.

WinXP? Sorry, never heard of it. Some kind of dessert topping?

Anonymous said...

Loved it, Ned. Never know what leaves lasting impressions on our kids unless they tell us. Anon

Sir Eglamour said...

the cable provider hereabouts has a digital baroque service that has taken over from NPR on the tuner at work.

Rameau and Purcell and hot, strong coffee on a winter morning. Now that's productivity.

herzmfa - oh dear, what images this conjures.