Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Believe the Youngsters Call It a "Shout-Out"

Hawk-eyed readers will have already noted the addition of a new item in the Blogroll under "Right Speech" -- The Anecdotal Antidote, a blog-collective helmed by the estimable Mike Versaci.

Mike's manifesto is to present a growing collection of the best writing on the Web while staying away from the sort of subject matter that raises blood pressure and sets brother against brother. The list of contributors so far signed up is impressive (that is, if any list that contains me can be said to be impressive), and includes some of the most salient and interesting voices in Blogovia today. The posts so far include Lance Mannion on Tockett and Crubbs and Kevin Wolf on Firing Your TV, and some other hapless goober put up a profoundly silly poem about paranoia.

I say check 'er out!


Anglachel said...

Neddie, the blogroll link has an extra "http:" in it, preventing adoring fans from reaching this delovely site.

Toodles - Ang

Neddie said...

Fangs, Ang! Fixed!