Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pour Me Another Stinger!

Wow. Apparently I'm rich.
That accumulation of suburban wealth [in and around Washington, DC], local economists said, is a side effect of the enormous flow of federal money into the region through contracts for defense and homeland security work in the five years since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, coming after the local technology boom of the 1990s. "When you put that together . . . you have a recipe for heightened prosperity," said Anirban Basu, an economist at a Baltimore consulting firm....
(...while, the article did not say, furtively slipping a $300,000 consulting fee into his pocket as recompense for this stunning insight...)

Those japesters down at the print edition of the Post saw fit, in this morning's early edition, to pair that above-the-fold front-pager opposite this piece about Washingtonians enduring the second-longest commutes to work in the nation, "fueled [stop! you're killing me!] by new housing popping up rapidly in the region's outer fringes." New housing, it stops short of saying, quite a lot of which looks like this.

Going Postal remains an option.


helmut said...

We're still fucking poor in the District and swamped by commuters.

A clearcut case of fomism, rather than going postal.

roxtar said...

You simply have the misfortune to be located atop a rich vein of natural Tyvek. It's just good economics to build the houses where the Tyvek is, rather than shipping the Tyvek to where people want to live. The flks who own the Tyvek mines are making money ass over teakettle, which skews the stats for the whole region.

Carl said...

No mention of the adjustable rate mortgages that are starting to adjust, and will wallop the crap out of people in those big-ass houses.