Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Fellow Bloggers

As the Sixteenth Most Influential Political Blogger in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia, it occurs to me that it might be worthwhile to take a quick gander at some other political blogs in the neighborhood. Survey the competish.

Sunday's Washington Post carried -- on its front page, no less -- a profile of one Greg Letiecq, who blogs under the bewilderingly infantile monicker Black Velvet Bruce Li.

Mr. Letiecq appears to have been somewhat instrumental in lobbying for a Prince William County ordinance that would set in motion measures to "deny services to illegal immigrants and sharply increase immigration enforcement by police." This ordinance has now been taken up by the Board of Supervisors of my own county of Loudoun, spearheaded by Sup. Eugene Delgaudio, who gives every impression of a man who, when he awakens each morning, immediately ponders what innovation might permit him to behave even more loathsomely than he did yesterday. (Fascinatingly, I attempted to link to an article on this Delgaudio blister in Wikipedia, only to find it had been removed. Not edited, or marked as "controversial." Just gone. Huh. I can only conclude that nothing polite can be said about him. Ah, well. MSM Time.)

I suppose there's nothing quite so depressingly predictable as a pandering local politician in full bay in an election year. But while pointing and shrieking Other! at an almost completely defenseless group in your midst never lost votes among the thick-necked Jocko Homo set, it's something quite different to devote quite a few of your waking hours to this pursuit. This is borderline psychotic behavior.

Not to mention incredibly unhelpful.

The rhetoric coming from both Letiecq and Delgaudio -- and, quite depressingly, echoed in the Letters to the Editor column in the local papers -- is shot through with eye-wateringly blatant racism. "Help Save Manassas," he titles his organization -- as if Manassas were an eighteen-year-old white virgin about to be gang-raped by a ravening horde of vatos locos with machetes and tamale breath. We've heard this kind of rhetoric before, and it never ended pretty.

If Letiecq wants a Prince William County where the police are constrained to demand proof of citizenship at every traffic stop performed on a person suspected of Driving While Brown, if he wants a Northern Virginia where operating a weed-whacker in a public commons is grounds for immediate extradition, that's fine. He's entitled to his opinion.

But I'm entitled to mine, too: Greg Letiecq is a racist, fascist little fuck-chest.

(Umberto Eco article linked to above found at "Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An exegesis" by David Niewert, and I highly, highly recommend it.)


Will Divide said...

Of course it couldn't possibly be that Signore Delgaudio, like Signore Tancredo, is a tad--no, more than a tad--enormously embarrassed, stippled with highlights of self-loathing, by his own obvious latin heritage among all those goob ol' boys.

David said...

Although I'm not convinced that Mr. Delgaudio (who is from an Italian immigrant family) is capable of being embarrassed, he is desperate to distract attention from his utter incompetence as a supervisor.

What is happening in his district is simply this: More poor people are living there. As the predictable result of a failure to plan for affordable housing, these people are creating their own. This has little to nothing to do with their immigration status.

All of the issues that are causing the older residents concern could be solved by enforcing existing zoning ordinances - but when residents report violations, there is no response.

You don't have to be especially clever to figure out that actually solving his constituents' problems does not serve Mr. Delgaudio's interests, interests that are much better served by keeping those constituents frightened, angry, and divided against one another.

There will be a public forum to separate fact from fiction on this issue, organized by La Voz: August 16, 7:00 pm, at Ida Lee Recreation Center in Leesburg.

CapitalIdea said...

David makes an excellent point - keeping your constituents frightened, angry and divided is one way to ensure that nobody will check YOUR papers, eh Senor Delgaudio?

thestoic said...

Nice formulation -- fuck-chest. Increasingly useful, too, doncha think?

Anonymous said...

Is the Loudoun County Supervisor aware of the releationship between Help Save Loudoun, Immigration Reform Law Institute(IRLI) and Federation for American Immigration Reform? I am inclined to believe IRLI has not been forth-coming in their association to FAIR. Basically, IRLI was created by FAIR's Board of Directors as the litigation and fund-raising branch of the organization. FAIR's Founder and current Board of Director, John Tanton, has very clear white supremacy ties and currently is editor and publisher of The Social Contract Press which has been designated a 'Hate Group' by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Additionally, current Board Members of FAIR have ties to the Council for Conservative Citizens which has an extremely strong racial component. So when people claim there is no basis for calls of racism & xenophobia, perhaps they are unaware of who we are dealing with?

I have included a preliminary list of articles related to FAIR. The most telling in my opinion is the memo that John Tanton wrote entitled, Memo to WITAN IV Attendees, where he asks -" As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?" Has Prince William County become John Tanton's White Explosion? Have we become but a 'puppet' in the hand of the 'Puppeteer'?