Friday, August 05, 2005

It Is Mr. Wu's Considered Opinion

Program Note: The Jingmeister is still encrusted in Room Four with a ball of Swearengen's dope and a pair of tarts from Chicago, so we will continue with guest appearances by some of Jingo's closest pals.

Today's Guest Blogger: Mr. Wu


Swen'gin! Cock-sucka Swen'gin!

Yes, Mr. Wu? In what material way may I be of assistance to you this fine day?

Let's see, here.... Two armed men pursued a third, who subsequently fell down and was molested by a pig? Do I have that roughly correct?


Well, that's as may be, but this is Neddie Jingo's blog, a place where refined and erudite opinion is bruited about with panache and quick wit. In what way does your anecdote conform to this custom?


Indeed, cock, as you point out, sucker. Perhaps the matter may be more profitably addressed if I were to suggest some topics upon which you may wish to express an opinion? Shall we start with the current Government?


Ah, excellent. This is promising indeed. George Bush?


Lovely. The War on Terror?


Rafael Palmeiro?


The faculty and entire student body of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia?


Loathesome Focus on the Family founder James Dobson?


The anonymous driver of a Nissan X-Terra, Maryland plate ANZ-2397, who cut me off at the convergence of Route 7 and Belmont Ridge Road this morning at 8:47?


Deceased Gen. William Westmoreland?


People who heckle Rickie Lee Jones?


Rep. Tom Davis (R. - VA)?


People who dress like pigs?


Grand Funk Railroad?


Thank you very, very much, Mr. Wu. You've been most helpful in sorting these issues out.



Christopher Trottier said...

That was pretty hilarious.

bad blue girl said...

What does Mr. Wu have to say about:

Clear Channel?

Richard Scrushy?


United Airlines?

(Yes, I know Blogger is calling me "bad" blue girl. Long story and boring.)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to post more often when you're under the influence of narcotics.

.... or a pair of tarts from Chicago.

Jim Yeager said...

So... what's really on your mind?


Anonymous said...

y'know... i'm kind of loath to be a fuckin' downer on this, but presenting asians as halfwits, for whatever purpose is irritatingly offensive. And not in a "ha-ha" kind of offensive way like Al Swearington over there. More like a "i'm an ignorant bastard" sort of way. Can we be funny w/o trashing people needlessly? (needed trashing is well appreciated)

Neddie said...


Advise waiting until you've actually seen the character, with whom you obviously have no acquaintance, before you pass judgment. Mr. Wu, whatever you'd like to project on him, is decidedly NOT an amusing Hop Sing Coolie charicature. Furthermore, I believe he'd think you a bit of a boozhie twat. If he wasn't slitting your throat.

Anonymous said...

my apologies for jumping to conclusions then.

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