Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Sitting in the kitchen, the front edge of some Weather Named Katrina lashing the windows (you try that shit around here, bitch, see what you get), poor thunderphobic Ring Ting Ting huddled panting under my chair in a purple funk, and the true Glory of Broadband beginning to make itself known.

Jason Chervokas' podcast, Down in the Flood. Oh, fuck yeah! I'm downing Episode 1 now, "Bob Dylan's Old Weird America," and poppin' that sucker into the iPod for tomorrow's commute.

I think I could start to like this.

Rain's so intense, it's knocked out the satellite signal. That's happened exactly once before in more than a year.

(Edit, next morning: Jason can't possibly have known he was doing it, but that first episode is perfect background music for those of us lucky enough not to be suffering in the aftermath of Katrina. Wow. An absolute must-listen if you can. Bob Dylan, Charley Patton, Jimmie Rodgers and others howling about levee breaks and archetypes.)


Anonymous said...

Having listened to Episode One of Down in the Flood for the past hour, I can only say, as is the wont in these parts, "beauty, eh?"

Today being our 14th Anniversary, I think I'll pass on the flower arrangement and get her the Ipod she's been hinting about... and maybe a mini for me.

Looking forward to the Dylan piece on PBS this fall, too.

handdrummer said...

Been listening to the podcast and trolling th net for pictures of the horror served on to my dear beloved New Orleans. Can't stop crying. Oh lord, what are we to do?