Monday, August 29, 2005

Joy Unconfin'd!

It is with a swimmy head and a giddy tummy that the Management announces the advent -- after 13 and a half months without it owing to our move to the country (that's 58 weeks, 406 days, 9,744 hours, 584,640 minutes, or 35,078,400 seconds -- each dragging on longer than the last) -- of a true-blue, no-shit wi-fi BROADBAND connection into Jingo Acres.

Although Loudoun Wireless (you absolutely must check out their web site!) installed the gear yesterday afternoon, they only turned on the tap early this morning.

(Ed. note: John and Gloria at Loudoun Wireless have, since I posted this, put up a much more robust and informative site and I hereby apologize for giggling at the one-pager that they've had up for a year. They run an excellent service, and for anybody local to Lovettsville or Waterford, it's absolutely the way to go. Call them now!)

The first sign of our deliverance was the absence from breakfast of young Freddie, the inveterate online gamer who has suffered even more than blog-happy Dad the 28.8 modem speed we got through dialup on these noisy copper land-lines. I checked in his room to find a young man with popping eyeballs manipulating his PlayStation Portable, engaged in battle royal against some luckless victim in cyberspace. Today being the first day of school in our county, it was a bit heartbreaking to wrench him away from his newly invigorated pastime, but duty calls. It's how we build our Character House.

The next few days will be a series of thrilling Firsts. Already we've had First Streaming Video ( -- Katrina beating the kapok out of N'Awlins). Haven't downed any music yet, but I'll top up the iPod tonight. Haven't built a shared iCal family calendar yet. Haven't shared the family photo album. Haven't uploaded any gigantic Illustrator files to the office. Haven't yet cheerfully opened any gargantuan mail enclosures from well-meaning friends -- "Here's a 15-minute QT video of our baby spitting up, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!" -- instead of either deleting them or waiting until I'm at work to look at them. Haven't visited Weebl and Bob or watched any online commercials about personal fragrances with guaranteed viral moxie.

(Oh, I'm sorry! You probably won't want to click on those links if you're on dialup! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I shouldn't be flaunting it, should I. No gloating. Tee hee.)

I've got a sneaky little hunch that after my noon daily meeting, I juuuuust might find a reason to "work from home" this afternoon.

Send me stuff, people. Send me BIG stuff. Entire episodes of some TV show, or a whole movie. Homemade pr0n. Your lousy band's demo. Whole Grateful Dead concerts. Amusing Flash movies.



Anonymous said...


Now you can blog from the can.

Neddie said...

And don't you think I won't, sister!

XTCfan said...

Hosanna in the highest (frequency)!

Gay mpegs for everyone!! Watch yer mailbox, Ned...

(Love the Loudoun Wireless logo, btw ... did you help them with that design?)

Anonymous said...

Homemade pron? Gotta get me summa dat!

Neddie said...

>> Love the Loudoun Wireless logo

Dude, that's the WHOLE SITE! That one page with a helpless Windows Paint logo and a phone number. It's been that way since at least July of last year, when this whole 28.8 nightmare began.

I'm sure not complaining about this fast connection, though. Downloads are *slightly* less instantaneous that I'm used to at work, but regular HTML goes as fast as you could possibly want it to.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Nedster!

And yes that Loudoun Wireless logo was classic!

Simon said...

OK, i'm trying to tell myself their logo was an *intentional stylistic choice*... maybe some kind of intentional 'naive art' deal and not simply 'Someone's Five Year Old Kid With MSPaint'.

"Quick sweetheart, daddy's company needs a logo. Have some sherbert and go to town!"

It just screams 'We are a Professional and Reputable Company' to my eyes.

Trust me folks, gay mpegs are nowhere as near intersting as they sound! Do a search for 'The Power Of Nightmares' instead. Good doco about the links between Muslim and Catholic Religious Extremism.

Lousy band demos? I've got you sorted - check my site. LOL

Bobby Lightfoot said...

"Have some sherbert and go to town"!!! "Have some sherbert and GO TO TOWN"!!!


Employee of the Month said...

la la la la, connect the dots, la la la la

oh darling its precious, daddy will be so proud

Neil Shakespeare said...

welcom to the wi fi, neddie

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, ok, we turned up the site ... surprised you didn't find it by now ... it was always there.

Neddie said...

Much better, guys! Gloria/John, sorry to make fun of your site, but you gotta admit, it was...well... Pretty easy.

I've edited my post.

Sister6 said...

Ha! That logo IS quite something! Confirms that we are not graphic designers but network designers! You will all be happy for Neddie's sake that our abilities in high-speed internet far out weigh our crippling graphic ability. And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news - a new logo and website are in the works - so get your laughs in now ;) !!

Sister6 said...

Hey, make fun all you want - you had us laughing at ourselves and that is always a good thing. What is there now is just temporary - we have a real graphic artist working on it. Feedback is a good thing - we do want to scream professional and competent!!

Anonymous said...
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