Friday, September 02, 2005

Save Me

Ordinarily I detest blog posts that simply point to other blog posts, without adding anything of any use.

But these are not ordinary times. I'm tired, I'm deeply depressed -- the result of a three-day-long wallow in Vituperative Vindication -- and I've been screaming at my windshield all day. Such a state of mind isn't conducive to urbane observations or nuanced reasoning. And so instead I'm gonna use the magnificent Steve Gilliard as my crutch and look forward to a return to my usual equanimity after I've kicked the living shit out of the goddamned miserable motherfucking Conservo-Wank weeds that inhabit my vegetable patch and the cocksucking Neocon invaders that infest my perennial bed, choking out my zinnias and peonies. They Shall Bear the Full Brunt of My Anger.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the barest, paper-thinnest wall prevents me from slashing the tires of the next fucking vehicle that drives into my purview.

I'll explain later.


Employee of the Month said...

Watched the raw feed on C-Span of Bush being briefed by a MS official explaining housing efforts during his photo-op visit.

Bush looked like a nine year old on a school field trip with a short attention span, utterly lost while the grown-up explains how water is converted to electricity.

His eyes were darting all over the place like a newly-added-to-the-tank goldfish.

Anonymous said...

For a blogger who detests simply pointing to another blog -- you do it soooo fine! Even in your short little post here.

Wack those Conservo-Wank weeds, Jeddie! Wack 'em good.

The Viscount LaCarte said...

Thanks for that. Being from NY originally it was deeply gratifying.

Somebody needs to bitch-slap Ann Coulter good for her tirade against NY, by the way.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Have at 'em, Neddie!