Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Nice Little Bit of All Right

A sweet day. A sweet, sweet day. First a Nude Erection, and now Rummy's bitten it. CNN's called Montana for Tester, Webb's up by 6,708 votes. Fifty Senate seats guaranteed, fifty-one tantalizingly close.

A sweet, sweet day, years in the waiting.

Check this out: Not so fuckin' red now, is it?

I note that The Almighty hath favored Michele Bachman in Minnesota's Sixth, so we'll still have her around to lampoon mercilessly. That'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

This is the first I have heard about Rumsfeld; Neddie, you're even better than CNN!

Anonymous said...

I was his super secret double dare ya don't tell anyone till it's confirmed source!

Yay for me!

Jeddie, I only had 2 hours of sleep last night. So, my brain's not working right. What did you mean by...Hit Reload, kid.

Did you doubt my words?


Anonymous said...


Never mind.

It just came to me what you meant.

I'm tired.

Give me a break.


You're too quick for me! In more ways than one!


Neddie said...

Why, hello, Mr. Parish, Lovettsville! Not too often we get the locals popping in -- where do you live, and what time do you eat at Bonnie's?

(I swear, I can't drive past Bonnie's Country Kitchen without mentally rearranging the name to Bonnie's Kitschy Countren, Connie's Bitchy Kountren, or some variant thereon. Perhaps that says more about me than it does about local cuisine, which is uniformly exquisite.)

You're too quick for me! In more ways than one!

In keeping with my family motto, "Festina Lente," one endeavors at all times to display expediousness, madame, without undue haste. In more ways than one.

Neddie said...

Oh, and -- I had some Super Secret Jeddie Source on my hamburger this evening. It too was exquisite.

Bobby Lightfoot said...

Connie's Itchy Cunnie.

Anonymous said...

The map's still misleading. When people realize that the Dakotas, most of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma and half of Texas have a total population of 37 illiterate miners guarding very affordable desert real estate, they'll be just one real estate agent away from a whole lot more blue.

XTCfan said...

Wow, check out SW Virginia going blue! That's sweent.