Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome to Blogdom!

Frequent commenter Giggles (she's helping me come to grips with my sexual identity after the gay-assed Obama post of yesterday) has opened up a shop of her own.

Everybody pop on over and make her feel welcome!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you are such a sweetie! Thank you! (I have such a schoolgirl crush! If you must tell WW, please let her know I will never act upon it!!)

I aspire to fill (maybe just try on) the shoes of such great witty and wise bloggers like yourself...I do hope not to disappoint! I'm gonna have to learn how to embed and post pictures, but for the short term, I'll stick to words....

Thanks again!

Neddie said...

I'm gonna have to learn how to embed and post pictures, but for the short term, I'll stick to words....

The photo icon in the Blogger interface is your friend.

Embedding videos, however, isn't quite such a snap. Copy the Embed code at YouTube (or wherever) and paste it into the post. BE SURE that you've selected the HTML tab first, or it won't work.

The Pop Culture Hymnbook said...

I'd perhaps seek out some other service than Blogger.

I've been locked out of my Blog since the 1st of November, since their wonderful filtering process decided I was a 'Spam Blog'.

You can request a review that takes 'Two Working Days'. It's now the 20th of December, and I still can't post anything.

It's derailed my creative thought process completely, so once I get it back, (and i'm not holding my breath on that one), I'm deleting it. It's easier to just work on paper and risk a fire. I'm learning to appreciate the simple portability and versatility of pen and paper.

Neddie said...

I'm extremely confused by your predicament, Si. Spam is active, aggressively propagating itself to net users who didn't request it. How the hell can a blog -- which is entirely passive, and depends on visitors who must make the effort to visit them -- even meet that criterion?

I've just looked at Blogger's Content Policy, and they do specify "We do not allow spamming or transmitting malware and viruses"; could any executable code you'd posted possibly have been infected with a virus?