Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Career Opportunity!

Well, the opportunities for a career in insurance sales just keep pouring in.

This was in last night's email crop, in a prepackaged CareerBuilder form email purportedly from one Dennis Nave, (a valid CareerBuilder-owned domain, although the generic nature of the address suggests that a reply would go straight into a bin).

Titled, imaginatively, "Your Resome," it runs thus (grammar and syntax unredacted):
Dear Neddie Jingo,

I noticed your resume on Career Builder and you appear to be someone we would like to pursue. [Fascinatingly, I'm feeling pretty much exactly the same about you!] Our staff located in Hagerstown areas has been a leader in the Central Atlantic Region for American General Life and Accident over the last 3 years.

For this reason we are growing our organization and we are looking for qualified people in Lovettsville. If you would like to know more,or would like to pursue a position please log on to: and click onto our POP screen. (2nd one) The user password for you is: DRS9XZMD(cap sensitive)
After we receive your results I will, or someone from my office will, be in contact with you.

I am looking forward to our future meeting.

Marlaina Miller
Associate Manager
Hagerstown, Md
301-739-2454 office
So far, two calls to the "office" number have produced busy signals (at 7:50 AM), and the 240 area-code number rolled straight into a message queue.

Googling Ms. Miller suggests she actually does exist; her office number at is the same as the one in the CareerBuilder email. The office is at 13210 Fountain Head Plaza, Hagerstown, MD 21742, in case you'd like to apply in person.

Before going off too hard on Ms. Marlaina Miller, Associate Manager,
American General Life and Accident, I'd point out the domain of the URL linked in the email: (slogan: "Self-Management - the #1 competency of top performers!"). I believe here we have our real villains. I conjecture that they sold themselves as a recruitment firm to Ms. Miller or someone in her organization, promising to bring in a whole bunch of "#1 competency of top performers" (read: "rubes") with their CareerBuilder ninja-fu.

But soft! What light through yon window breaks? Let's complete that linked URL: /clients/aig.

Yes, American General Life and Accident is a subsidiary of AIG.

Your tax dollars at work, folks.


Update: The foregoing may be too oblique. I should be as clear as I can possibly be here. The three links at the top of my post detail, in order, an experience I had last week with a recruiter for AFLAC, another insurance giant. A person called me last Monday with an offer of an interview in Hagerstown, MD -- the very same town as in the current "offer" -- last Thursday. As I believed she had actually read my resume, I assumed the interview was connected in some way with my professional qualifications. I became suspicious when this person would not tell me straight out what the job in question entailed, and over the next few days discovered that the recruiter was trying to get me to appear at a group "informational" gathering at which an insurance-sales scam of thoroughly Dickensian sordidness was pushed on unsuspecting and desperate unemployed people. My extremely strong suspicion is that Ms. Marlaina Miller, Associate Manager, American General Life and Accident, a subsidiary of AIG, is engaged in exactly the same scam, through the recruitment firm SelfManagement Group.


giggles said...

Huuuuuummmm..... I see some potential here... Go to the "informational chats" early... See who else shows up...Start chatting with the other participants.... Maybe some connections are there to be made... A start-up company idea.... Making lemonade out of lemons.... making yourself look busy....

Or is this what our new "service ecomony" looks like??!!

reincheque said...

Er..naming names? Watch your back...



Neddie said...

Giggles: Already wasted enough time on these assclowns.

Reincheque: They contacted me, and any names in my post were in the email they sent me. I'm just helping the Great Gazoogle in its never-ending quest for Truth.

Neddie said...

Forgot to mention, reincheque, that the email seems to have gone to the intersection of a Venn diagram with two sets:

1) posted a resume at CareerBuilder

2) live within an hour's drive of Hagerstown

That's a pretty big intersection. I imagine quite a few people received that come-on, and I'm just telling them what I think of the whole thing. If that's actionable, then so be it.

reincheque said...

No worries, mate...;-)



gig said...


bobby lightfoot said...

They’re gonna have to introduce conscription
They’re gonna have to take away my prescription
If they wanna get me making toys
If they wanna get me, well HELL, I got not choice

Career opportunities are the ones that never knock
Every job they offer you is to keep out the dock
Career opportunities, the ones that never knock

Ain’t a-never gonna knock

giggles said...

Instant kharma: I experienced my own hell in new career exploration...although NOT in insurance sales.... Disguised as a community education class- Voice-Over work!!!! (Google "Such-a-voice.") (OK fella-if you're making sooooooo much money as a voice over artist, how come you're prospecting for rubes???!!!)

turn about is fair play...i guess.... I'll keep my mouth shut from now on.... But wait, I "have such a pretty, mature, soothing voice...which this industry could use....."

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