Wednesday, November 08, 2006


WOOO!!!! Come on Jim Webb!

Been watching all night... Just saw on CNN, with 99% of precincts reporting, Webb ahead by about 2000 votes! After being behind by 7000 for hours! The precincts yet unreported are urban, suburbs around Richmond...

Come on, motherfucker!!!!!


helmut said...

I'm with you, Ned. Yelling at my tv and laptop too.


Carl said...

Still gonna have to go through recount, absentee ballots an' shit. But, WHOOOOOO!

Carl said...

And according to some guy on a message board, "The places that haven’t counted their absentees yet are Prince William, Fairfax, Arlington and Loudoun."

That bodes WELL.

rameau's nephew said...

no sleep tonight, since I have to be up at 5. Show me, Missouri.

rameau's nephew said...

ah yes, McCaskill now in the lead.

good ol St Louis and Jackson counties.

what a wgflt

Bobby Lightfoot said...

We got our African American Democrat.

We got our female speaker.

I just feel so close to all of you right now. I'm going to dribble.


roxtar said...

Webb and Tester both look solid. I wonder how Felix felt, watching his entire future go a-sliding down the shittoir? Say, I wonder if anyone thought to remove that noose from his office?

Hey, I got an actual word for verification!

cband - those big ugly satellite dishes you see in rural West Virginia

blue girl said...

Webb's up by about 7,000 votes, right? It's going to get rough down there.

Man! I hope Macaca loses.

Great night for us Democrats!


Sluggo said...

recounts and lawyers
and blogs and Bill Moyers.
Diebold and fraudsters
Jon Stewart and Colbert.

Bush bitch-slapped thoroughly, lamest of ducks,
Tester and Webb win with luck and with pluck.


obviously a bit giddy this morning.

I have a picture window view of a derelict cband dish as I type. lovely.

EmmaJ said...

I'm as giddy as schoolgirl. All is right and fabulous with the world.

Come on Webbie! If you can't beat down Sen. Macaca, no one can!

Will Divide said...

Hmmm.... I spent the evening drinking in a bar downtown on Wabash w/ a couple Peeps. Best way to see in a new era, imho.

it's a little sorry that fatheads like Allen and Tester can't be cleared away by at least two or three percentage points, but the trends do not favor them and I love everthing about today.

Carl said...

When's John Fuckin' Warner coming up for re-election? WHOOOOO!

Will Divide said...

Not exactly a nude erection moment, but I did mean Conrad Burns above and not the very well-endowed Jon Teste.

Tester -- Jon Tester; who, btw, looks like he just pulled it out (Haw!).