Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Nectarine of My Fourth Vertebra

Things may get a little quiet in the Jingosphere over the Thanksgiving weekend, as we pack up kits, cats, sacks and wives to visit Bobby Lightfoot in St. Ives.

(Actually, there's only one wife, and she's the apple of my eye, the Asian pear of my pancreas, the grapefruit of my left knee, the mangosteen of my uvula, the kiwi of my peritonium, the carambola of my latissimus dorsi, the chewy caramel center of the Godiva bon-bon that is my life.)

I'm reliably informed that I'll be witnessing a Soulfinger Gig on Thanksgiving night -- the middle-aged punters don't stop bein' on-the-make for nuthin' -- and I'll be sure to bring my camera to record the humiliation.

Happy Holiday Hint: Don't anthropomorphize the turkey in front of vegetarians!


blue girl said...

You're so goopy about Wonder Woman, I love it.

Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Ningo family!

Kevin Wolf said...

I hope all the Jingsters have a great holiday!

Wish I could join you at the gig - I've been trying to arrange that for months now, but not knowing the Soulfinger schedule has not helped any.

Jeremy Cherfas said...

I totally applaud your familiarity with the outer reaches of the fruit world, and would link to you for that reason alone, were it not for the fact that it might disappoint those who are looking for, as it were, real wierd fruit rather than extended metaphors.

lymcer -- isn't that some sort of pomelo look-alike?

XTCfan said...

Have a great time, Ned. My regards to WW and the kids, and to Bobby, of course.

Oh, and please ask Dr. Devendra for my prescription while you're up there, eh?

Employee of the Month said...

Have a Tamla/Stax/Motown Thanksgiving.

glue birl said...

Oh yes. I forgot to tell you to tell Bobby Lightfoot I said Happy Turkey Day, too.

Also tell him how thankful I am to him for his Millie Ringworm comment from your CBGB post awhile back.

From memory...

Whatever happened to Millie Ringworm and Judd Nelsone? Now that we need 'em?


That still! cracks me up! Always truly thankful for the whole crack up situation.


Bobby Lightfoot said...

Th' pomegranate of my sacroiliac

Bobby Lightfoot said...

Th' simon Weisenthal of my seminal vesicle.