Saturday, November 18, 2006

Grammar-Boy Redux

Would it be horrendously pedantic of me to point out that the title "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened" is grammatically solecistic, and that "If I Had Done It, Here's How It Might Have Happened" is perhaps a less problematic construction?

Oh. OK. I'll shut up, then.


beyond passionate said...

definitely a gramatical non-sequitar (damn, I wish this thing had spell check).

Just wait till he stars in the movie-of-the-week adaptation of the book.

Then he'll run for President- and get elected.

Stranger things have happened

Akatabi said...

A nice succinct "If it were I" would suffice to ├ępater le boobois. But that would only embolden them to make more dreck for the teevee and Bill O'Reilly might have righteous apoplexy. Keep up the good work.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber

roxtar said...

"Here's how I did it."

I mean, leave us not be coy.

julia said...

not that I ever thought that the jury was voting on whether he actually did it, but I have to wonder if this is going to make their sleep a little more uneasy.

Bobby Lightfoot said...

I hate America.

blue girl said...

Your title is better. I agree. OJ's such a whack job I can't even stand it. I totally understand why BL hates America.

But let me give him one more reason.

During all that trial hoopla (and let's just say, I was a OJ trial expert. I know...I know...)

I had to go out to LA for biz and I found his house and someone took my picture in front of the infamous gate.

And I knew I couldn't stand there and smile. I mean, how bad would *that* be? On top of how bad it was that I was even there to begin with...

So, I have this picture of me in front of OJ's gate looking so extremely morbid, you wouldn't even believe it.

And then after the picture was taken, a Mexican lady came over the driveway speaker and yelled at me...

Git out of the driveway! Git! Git!

I ran!

blue girl said...

No one has to yell at me for my horrid and unacceptable behavior.

I am well aware.

Kevin Wolf said...

I'm with roxtar. The "If" in the title is not wanted.