Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Off

Things may (or may not -- I'm bringing the MacBook) get a little quiet around here for a couple of days.

I'm going to attend my 25th class reunion at Kenyon Kollege, traveling tomorrow, coming home Sunday. I'm going alone; when I broached the topic of attendance with Wonder Woman (an alumna; we met and fell in love there), she pointed out that the kiddoes have their final exams this week, and that somebody needs to crack the whip on that. With no detectable malice in her voice, she waved and said, "Have a good time!"

Fellow Chump of Choice Will Divide (hey! Guess what! That's not his real name!) is a fraternity brother, although I've never met him -- he graduated the year I matriculated. He'll be there, and I'm very much looking forward to finally meeting him.

I checked the list of my classmates who've registered. One name in particular stood out -- somebody I've always wished I'd smashed his lights out back in 1978, '79, and again in 1981. I will have a very hard time being in the same room with him, having relived the memory over and again of the casual assholery he was wont to display. (JC, remember TW?)

As an adult, I've become rather less fearless than I was as a callow youth. I'm now far more willing to call an asshole an asshole. I do hope our paths don't cross.

Other than that, I'm rather looking forward to this. I may post some photos of the campus -- it is unspeakably pretty.

That photo above is of Old Kenyon, a building I was privileged to occupy for two years. There is an acoustic tile ceiling in the third-floor bathroom that, if pushed, affords access to the ordinarily locked bell-tower. A tale that still makes me laugh 26 years later is inherent in that fact. There are two people in the world who will laugh with me at that observation, and at least one of them is registered for this reunion.

That's why I'm looking forward to this.


gregra&gar said...

Although fairly antisocial by my aculturated nature already, your delighted anticipation of class reunion accentuates my raging abhorrence of such an undertaking to my alma mater. During my stay at Mississippi State I witness the school band strike up a "victory" parade within thirty minutes of the announcement of JFK's demise and a near total emptying of the campus by students rushing to Ole Miss, half of them to riot in protest against the integration of James Merideth and the other half to serve in the national guard to be stoned with bricks by the first half. Don't want to relive those times with anyone. Glad your memories are pleasant ones — except for the asshole of course.

Kevin Wolf said...

Funny, but I've never wanted to go back, nor has the subject even come up, nor would I know who to ask.

Ned, have a good time.

Matt said...

Have a great trip, Neddie. What I've always liked about reunions are the connections I invariably make with people whom I hardly knew when we were in school together.

Fred Wickham said...

Six reasons for avoiding my 50th high school anniversary.
1. $1,150 round-trip to see people you’ve been avoiding for decades.
2. No smoking in school bathrooms now strictly enforced.
3. Leave the state, go to jail.
4. Guy voted Most-Likely-to-Go-Down-in-a-Hail-of-Gunfire attending.
5. Semen in school library can now be DNA tested.
6. Coach still has hots for you.

blue girl said...

Have fun, Jeddie!

The worst thing that happened to me at my last reunion was -- the coolest guy I remembered turned into a coked up, sweating, paranoid, used car salesman type.

Sooooo disappointing. Cuz we both loved Bowie so much! (Certain Bowie -- it was like -- between me and him, ya know?) And we could relate to that way back when.

Now? Not so much.

Hope that sort of thing doesn't happen to you. Cuz it stinks.

JC said...

TW? I think I know the person to whom you refer. Was he in my dorm freshman year? Does the "T" refer to a first name identical to the first name of the pater familias of a well-known television program that will soon no longer be? "Would" that be whom you mean? The funny thing is he wasn't so bad at first, and then he turned into a mega-jerk after he joined a certain orgainization to which "flight-suit boy" also belongs. I have it on good authority that in the mid-1990s he had thoroughly maintained his obnoxiousness in the most gob-smacking ways imaginable. Yes, even at funerals, he can be an inappropriate jerk.
I happen to know you may have a few other surprises in store for you this weekend. Nothing too serious. At least I don't think so.
Have fun.

PS Almost forgot. TW is also a revanchist anti-semite.

JD said...

"$1,150 round-trip to see people you’ve been avoiding for decades"

I'm with Fred, even though I'd only have to drive for a couple of hours.