Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Those Who Get It Will Get It

Trust me to spend several days of studio time back in 2003 committing a musical joke that will be understood by approximately 3% of its listeners.

Low-Rent Nixon (The Lord Said Dammit) (pops).

Graphic designers will fall about. For the rest of you, here's a clue.


Jennifer said...

Very funny.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Great stuff... (from a guy who dates back to Ventura Publisher and Aldus PageMaker)!

blue girl said...

You are hysterical, Jeddie. It's actually a very catchy tune.

That site says that the theory behind Greek (I always say Greek) is that people's attention will be pulled toward the readable words in an overall layout...

My experience has been that every time I show a layout with Greek in it, the client focuses on THAT right away and then tries to read it out loud -- cuz it's such a funny, funny thing to do!

Have you ever heard me fake laugh? I probably fake laughed the first 500 times. Now I just nod my head and smile.

Neddie said...

BSUWG: Antiques I Have Used:

- Ready! Set! Go!

- Interleaf Publisher

- Aldus PageMaker on a 9-inch Mac screen (talk about frustrating!)

- Microsoft PublishIt (seriously! Who came up with that name?)

- I don't remember its name, but WordPerfect for DOS had an ancillary graphics program that was -- and this is a mighty big assertion indeed -- the single worst piece of software I have ever used.

Managed to avoid Ventura Publisher, mainly 'cos there was never a Mac version. (I think...)

BG: Fire your clients and get new ones who've actually dealt with designers. Where I work, reacting to greeked text in any way other than ho-hum marks you as a slime-spewing FNG who doesn't know his eiusmod from his consequat.

Neddie said...

Who came up with that name?

Melinda Gates, of course...

Akatabi said...

Corel Draw? What a steaming pile. Now Macromedia Virtuoso for the NeXT was a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I'm laying even money on Lorem Ipsum appearing as a minor character in Against the Day. Catchy tune.

Neddie said...

Nah, wasn't Corel Draw -- this was before Corel acquired WordPerfect. This was a DOS-based thing, maybe '89, '90, that couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a mouse-driven or a menu-driven thing. When it was in a good mood it recognized its mouse driver (of course, a proprietary thing); when not, you had to use menus and arrow-keys to select points and drag them around. It was deeply, deeply ugly to the core of its miserable soul.

I was the lead designer for a Navy project that involved translation from paper to digital of hundreds upon hundreds of pages of text and graphics, all in the aid of killing people with greater efficiency. On the last day of the project, deadline hours away, I held the program manager's hair away from her face as she vomited into a trash can.

Yes, it was that kind of project.

Anonymous said...

I'm a graphic designer, over 25 years in the biz.

"Aldus PageMaker on a 9-inch Mac screen (talk about frustrating!)"

Oh how I know what you mean. We used to print out type from the computer at 200% of actual size, take it in to the darkroom and use the stat camera to reduce it 50% then paste it up with the waxed backing, oh my lord I can hardly believe it now.

blue girl said...

Fire your clients and get new ones who've actually dealt with designers.

As if.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha....(not fake)

Here's an amusing typesetter story from many years ago.

Main typesetter guy in Cleveland, driving like a luntatic to deliver type to an agency. Gets in a car wreck. He's hurt, stuck in the car, can't get out. The police get his door open. He's bleeding, blood running down his face.

He reaches out his shakey hand that's holding the envelope of type and says to the cop, "I'll be ok. But, can you get this to ******* Advertising fast? I should've already been there."

Yes! Advertising is *that* important.