Friday, September 09, 2005

Bobby Hit Me with that Fender Rhodes

Bobby Lightfoot is the finest musician you've never heard in your life.

I know you pick Bobby out of my Blogroll and zip off to read him, knowing you're going to find some of the most left-field, angry, borderline psychotic -- and piss-your-pants-funny -- ranting you've ever come across. He is sui generis.

What you probably don't know is that Bobby is also an utterly mind-bogglingly skilled poet, songwriter, arranger, singer, and instrumentalist. This is a side he chooses not to show you. You wouldn't expect levelheaded sanity out of old "I'm going to start killing you at stoplights," would you?

Well, guess what.

Here are a few of Bobby's musical confections, for your perusal and delectation. He's going to put up more, to keep things fresh, but for the moment, these four tunes should keep you interested:

I think these are some of the finest, maturest, most clear-eyed, musicianly songs you're going to hear this or any other year. Influences range from Stevie Wonder to Brian Wilson to Steely Dan to late Andy Partridge, and the things he does with voice-leading and chord coloration are as accomplished and assured as Bert Bacharach in his prime. I shit you not, Jackson.

Welcome to this balanced, brilliantly sane, and astonishingly talented musician.


Anonymous said...

VERY GORGEOUS STUFF! Found myself really wanting to listen. Where did this come from???? Anon

Kevin Wolf said...

I'm part of The Lightfoot Brigade already. "Like Dying" is the one that gets me especially.

XTCfan said...

I'm with ya, Ned. BL is probably my favorite musical find this year. "Maybe Next Time" (which includes your headline quote, which has always brought a smile to my cynical old face) is resolutely, undeniably hummable, and is one of the best songs you could have in your head when walking along on a sunny day.

Nobody said...

I'm a big fan of 'Like Dying' too, but 'Matinee' is probably my favourite.