Sunday, September 11, 2005


Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed an addition to the Jingo Blogroll: phronesisiacal has joined the Happy Few in the Right Intention category.

This gink is so French your teeth will hurt. You'll want to start sucking on Gauloises and rotten milk-curds until you reject the European Union constitution. That's how French this cat is.

My kinda people.

Wait'll you get the OED out and figure out what "phronesisiacal" actually means. You'll stop showering and shaving your armpits, is what you'll do. You'll eat cheese that smells like feet. You'll surrender to Germany.

1 comment:

helmut said...

Dearest Neddie Jingo! --

Thanks kindly for your warm armpit of a welcome to your blogroll. I'd have more to say or challenge you to a duel. I am,however, presently detained by having my mistresses help me out of my powdered wig, pulling the kerchiefs out of my ruffled sleeves, and trying to wash that pesky false mole makeup off of my face. My Sartrean google-eye renders the entire process an abysmal double-vision bore.

We may nevertheless engage in the aforementioned duel on a future date in an elysian champs of your choosing. My choice of weapon shall be a Fender Rhodes.