Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pardon my Spanish

He encontrado, entre los visitantes que se listan en mi cuento Statcounter, uno que descubrió mi sitio blog al entrar la frase SICK AND TIRED OF SPANISH IN LOUDOUN COUNTY en el sitio Google.

Esta búsqueda produce una lista irracional de sitios no relacionados. Ni uno contiene la frase entera.

Me temo (sin evidencia, por supuesto) que el busquero esperaba encontrar algun sitio racista o supremista donde se discute la superabundancia de inmigrantes hablahispanas en nuestro condado. Me agradece mucho que tal sitio no se encontró, y que en vez de un sitio Klan o Skinhead, fue encontrado el mio.

Quiero decir una sola cosa si este persona vuelve a mi sitio:

Bésame el culo, hijo de puta cabrón racista.

[Later edit: This post is quite amusing if you filter it through the AltaVista BabelFish translator]


binky said...

Porque no diciste "chupar" en vez de "besar?" It has that... je ne c'est quois. Es hablahispanas y no hispano-hablantes? Or am I think of lusofalantes? God, I don't know any Romanian or Italian, or I'd give that a try too. :)

Seriously though, and this may be a stupid question, but how does one find out such information (that people are finding your cite using racist searches)?

binky said...

Oops. Shifting romance languages leads to replacing "s" with "c" every time: site.

Neddie said...

--Porque no diciste "chupar" en vez de "besar?" It has that... je ne c'est quois.--

"Suck" my ass as opposed to "kiss" my ass? I know which way I lean.

--Seriously though, and this may be a stupid question, but how does one find out such information (that people are finding your cite using racist searches)?--

I have a hitcounter dealie-bop that counts who comes in, where they come from, and, if from a search engine, what query genererated the hit. Usually I'm able to leave them alone, but this one pissed me off a bit.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Our site counter probably does that too, but I think perhaps I am content to stay in the dark as to what craziness could direct a searcher to us.

And on "chupar" vs "besar" it was only a suggestion for something more profane and offensive to the sort who would be searching with those terms. They'd really be chapped by "mamar la pinga." ;)

Mary Ann said...

I dunno. I found, through my sitemeter, that two people came to my site in the past month by searching on - well, now I even hesitate to use the term - the low level technology causing most deaths in Iraq. Is that sufficiently vague? I posted a long time ago on the WMD's we were led to expect and IED's we actually encounter. One of the hits on my site was from Seems like that's the kind of thing you might want to be on top of.

Akatabi said...

I think the odds of the searcher (or busquero) understanding Spanish may be vanishingly low. What I did was run the text through Babelfish and then through The Dialectizer to produce:

Your Text, Dialectized (redneck)

ah have foun', between th' visito's who list themselves in mah Statcounter sto'y, one thet discovahed mah site blog when interin' phrase SICK AND TIRED OF SPANISH IN LOUDOUN COUNTY th' Google site. This hyar search prodooces an irrashunal list of sites nonrelated, cuss it all t' tarnation. No' one corntains th' whole phrase. ah's afraid (wifout evidence, of course) thet th' busquero hoped t'find algun racist o' supremista site whar th' superabundance of hablahispanas immigrants in our county is discussed, cuss it all t' tarnation. It thanks fo' much t'me thet sech site was not, an' thet instead of a site Klan o' Hidehaid, mio was foun'. ah mean a sin'le thin' eff'n this hyar varmint returns t'mah site: Bésame th' ass, racist son of peetay cabrón, as enny fool kin plainly see.

I really like hidehaid, by the way.

H. Rumbold, Master Barber

Bobby Lightfoot said...

Gee willickers. That's some mental shit.

Someone came upon my site after doing an erudite and thoroughly erotic search for "boy fucking with a baby". Hubba hubba.

I put your lovely and flowing Spanish paragraph thru the Lightfootizer and I just got, "fuck off dillhole I'll kill ya."

Same thing w/ Sonnet 11 and the first paragraph of "A Tale Of Two Cities".