Sunday, February 05, 2006

Program Note

Due to overwhelming demand from the Jingosphere, I will be live-blogging the Super Bowel this evening.

Come back at kickoff time, and let's get retarded!

(You with me, Sluggo?)


Sluggo said...

Jambalaya was great, how 'bout those Pats, eh?

zydxboiu - Colts, '61. Played with Unitas, drove a truck in the offseason.

roxtar said...

Well, at least one of us is having chili this evening. I tried to follow your recipe, but I didn't have cocoa or coffee, so I put in a Coke and some brownies. I'll let you know. My fearless prediction, some pictures of puppies, and why time begins on Super Bowl Sunday can all be found here at my blogwhore.

qhjytvu - What Jerrame Stephens will say after being dismantled by Joey Porter.

Anonymous said...

I have come here to talk you out of this; there's still time. You do not have to appear even more demented. Your fan(s) still love you.


Sluggo said...

I thought I saw Bobby L., behind Stevie Wonder, in the green tracksuit. Thought he was in Vermont.

Anonymous said...

Bring back baseball. I didn't watch, but the horns honking in the neighborhood just woke me up.

Buck Batard