Monday, November 28, 2005

Avian Flu: A Query

Is one symptom of the Avian Flu the inescapable impression that, no matter what building you're in, the heating ducts are throbbing out of phase, causing a low-level fluttering bass hum in your ears? Accompanied by an achy neck and an ineluctible desire to sleep, sleep, sleep until you either arise recovered or they carry you out of the room on a mortician's gurney?

I've also started clucking gently and scratching at the ground -- wonder what that means.

You might want to wash your hands thoroughly with carbolic soap after reading this post.

Unclean! Unclean!


Bobby Lightfoot said...

Update your will, dude. You're fucked. Um, can I have your computer?

I like when people folks refer to call it "avian bird flu". That's hilarious funny.

jnqpiqxa- no funny here, but I can't cheat so sorry apologies.

Neil Shakespeare said...

My heating ducts are throbbing out of phase too. I think it's the furnace. Or it could be voodoo. Good luck, dood. Hope it don't hit ya.

XTCfan said...

Yep, that avian bird flu is going to cause a worldwide pandemic, it is.

Ned, sounds to me as if you just ate too much turkey this weekend. It's the L-tryptophan kickin' in. You need to drink some coffee. Three cups, and you'll be shouting:

Anonymous said...

You are bloody amazing.

I will now read this blog everyday.


tiki dinette said...

Bring out your dead
Bring out your dead

They have one friggin' pickup in this county to pick up the road kill. Let's see where you rate. 72 hours is my book.

Matt said...

Update your will, dude. You're fucked. Um, can I have your computer?

You take the computer, bobby -- I got dibs on the bagpipes!