Monday, November 07, 2005

Today's Vocabulary Builder

Crapulous \`krap-ye-les\ adj. [LL crapulosus, L. crapula intoxication, fr. Gr. kraipale] (1536) 1 marked by intemperance esp. in eating or drinking; 2 sick from excessive indulgence in liquor.

Use today's Vocabulary Builder Word in a sentence:

I stayed up till oh-dot-thirty last night watching the Washington Brewskies administer a righteous pasting to the Philadelphia Egos -- the first such drubbing since somewhere during the Norm Snead Administration -- and, despite my judicious purchase and restrained consumption of only the finest, most reputable of America's microbrewed beers, this morning I feel somewhat (sense 2) crapulous.


Bobby Lightfoot said...

The conflict in Shakespeare's romantic tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" revolves around an ancient antipathy between the Houses of Montague and Crapulous.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Have you tried a little hair of the crap for that?

Linkmeister said...

Through the magic of time zones that game ended before 7:00pm my time.

Norm Snead? Whither Jurgensen, Kilmer, and Theismann(rhymes with Heisman!)?

Employee of the Month said...

Brewskies? I thought they were the Scowling Cheneys.

Almost as satifying as the Minnetonka Sex Offenders beating the hapless Detroit Legumes.

qfcjyto! - and a double Hi-Keeba

Kevin Wolf said...

Makes me wish I watched football.

aqclaa! - Yes, the ever-resounding cry of the crew of the Calypso.

Mike E said...


XTCfan said...

Ned, I'm as big a fan of the Snyderforeskins as you, but one touchdown does not a righteous pasting nor drubbing make.

It was, however, a good solid win over a competent team, and that's encouraging. And so, I give a hearty