Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The People Have Spoken

The people of Dover, Pennsylvania, have overwhelmingly repudiated the local school board that attempted to introduce Intelligent Design Creationism into high-school biology classes and who were sued for it by a group of local parents.

All eight members of the board who were up for reelection, including two who testified in favor of the move in the recently concluded Federal District Court trial, were voted out of office yesterday.

Sez the NYTimes:
[I]f the intelligent design policy is defeated in court, the new school board could refuse to pursue an appeal. It could also withdraw the policy, a step that many challengers said they intended to take.

"We are all for it being discussed, but we do not want to see it in biology class," said Judy McIlvaine, a member of the winning slate. "It is not a science."
She did not add, while channeling Al Swearengen: "So shut the FUCK up and sit the FUCK down."


Nancy said...

Wahoo! The people have spoken! Nicely done!

Adorable Girlfriend said...


coturnix said...

Thanks for the NYT link. Next year - Kansas!

Neil Shakespeare said...

Geez, Neddie, I miss Swearingen. When are you gonna do another 'Al' post, you cocksucka?

Neddie said...

Shakes: Al's a rich dish and shouldn't be overindulged. But when the Pressure builds to a sufficiently high level, I'm sure the air will go foggy and swimmy around my eyes, and when I awake, SOMETHING will have been posted.

nsteor, which is an anagram for Nestor, the cranky old Argonaut -- there may no Golden Fleece, but human riches I'll release, yes yes.....