Thursday, November 17, 2005

Weird One

This has been happening for weeks.

They come in from Israel. The IP number and ISP don't seem to follow a pattern. They always are marked as having never been to this blog before.

They always come in through Google.

They always search for the phrase "When in the courfe of human events." They always come to this post, in which I jokingly replicate the confufing calligraphy of the Declaration of Independence.


Seriously, there must have been 50 Israelis through here on that search term in the last couple of months. Weird with a beard.

Any of you folks who would like to Enlighten (ha ha) me, please leave a Comment or drop me a note at neddiejingo at aol dot com.


Moishe Shermantankenstein said...

So, is because "when in the courfe of human event" mean "hot experienced milf pussy from Haifa" in Israeli.

So sorry.

bzrrq- how hot milf pussy from haifa make me feel.

Neddie said...

Ah, you see, I knew it had to be something like this. Bet you didn't know, but the Hebrew for "Balfour Declaration" is pronounced "Leather biker sluts in bondage."

mjaepr, one or that which mjaeps.

Anonymous said...

there's a game in which you have to guess what a picture containing those words means... so we search for the first words in google and your site appears...

haven't yeat figured out why my formers where cursing you. i hope thare is no reason...

Red Turtle said...

I'ts a nice game.
You can try it for yourself...
ofcorse you will find it hard because the instructions are in hebrew, but there is babylon for that.
It's really sad that google can translate full pages but not from hebrew...

Oh, and this might help to:


If you need any help, you can reach me at

Tamir said...

Please dont mind those stupid nazzies posting all strange comments as stupid israelies because they are not.

In Israel we have a game with all sorts of questions one is
when was the phrase "When in the courfe of human events"

so sorry to have alarmed you,
yours truly.
Tamir via Israel.

Anonymous said...
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