Friday, April 14, 2006

Closing In

Getting ready to gird the loins for another day at the coalface this morning. Wonder Woman is in the shower, I'm brushing my teeth.

Chattering sound in the sky. Helicopter, flying very low, directly over the house.

From the shower: "Oh, my God! It's Facility!"

Married that woman for a reason.


roxtar said...

I haven't been able to determine who or where the facility is, but I have some information and it's worse than i had feared.....

The whole thing is under the command and control of General Electric.

I knew him when he was a major, and he was a real prick. Watch yourself, buddy.

Neddie said...

You know how close to Mount Weather my house is? Huh? HUH???

Bobby Lightfoot said...

I looked into the eyes of Facility once, man. You can jest all you want, baby. In a way I can't blame you.

But when I came across him on tunnel duty in the underground warrens of Da Nang in 1966 it wasn't remotely funny, man. When the Blitzkrieg raged and th' bodies stank, man.

Yeah, it's all a big joke until Facility's got your nuts in his cold, bewarted grip and he decides to start squeezing.

Facility. Yeah, ha ha ha. Facility. Woo hoo.

Kevin Wolf said...

"My wife. I think I'll keep her."

Remember that stupid slogan? If you had responded thus, what would have been the reaction, I wonder?

fvfcu, probably.

Neddie said...

"My wife. I think I'll keep her."

Luckily, Wonder Woman is a person of great discernment and humor.

No, the quote you want from the early Seventies is ""My wife. I think I'll keep her locked in the basement with the dustbunnies and dog hair."

(Oops! Did I just say too much?)