Sunday, April 09, 2006

Life's Rich Pageant

The Washington Post, Loudoun Extra (Sunday, April 9, 2006)

Loudoun Postings: Animal Watch

Woman's Bird Seed Replenished

Leesburg, Cypress Ridge Terrace, last Sunday. Leesburg police called animal control regarding a report of stolen bird seed. A resident had run out of bird seed but thought that it had been stolen. It was determined that the woman had Alzheimer's disease and that her caretaker was away for the weekend. The animal control officer delivered seed to feed the birds until the caretaker's return.

Big Cows on Campus

Sterling, Augusta Drive, Tuesday. An animal control officer investigated a report of cows running on the football field at Dominion High School. The officer found that the cows had come from the field next door and that the owners had arrived and were herding them back.

Case of Beeping Bat Is Closed

Leesburg, Washington Street, Monday. An animal control officer investigated a report of a bat in a home. The homeowner told the officer that the bat was behind a couch and making a lot of noise. When the officer looked behind the couch, he found a beeping toy. No bat was found.


blue girl said...

Disaster avoided in all cases. Phew!

Reminds me of our little town's "Police Blotter" where there are always stories like, "Police were called to a home on Emery Lane Friday night. The caller reported that teenage vandals had stolen the wooden Easter bunny they had put in their front yard as decoration. Upon arrival, Officer Joe Blow found that the wind had knocked it over."


Neddie said...

Exactly, BG. Phew. That's what Occurred to me as I read these things. War, famine, pestilence, yes, but... Sometimes Phew. And wasn't it just nice that the animal control officer gave the poor Alzheimer's lady some birdseed to tide her over? Of course, in them European socialist countries the Alzheimer's lady would probably not have been alone and uncared-for for a weekend, but hey. You can't have everything. So she got some birdseed. Phew.

Employee of the Month said...

Clearly made up stories planted by the powerful, unchecked Animal Control Illuminati.

Blue Wren said...

"When the officer looked behind the couch, he found a beeping toy. No bat was found."

I hate when that happens.