Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Winners Are In

The Koufaxes have been distributed, the confetti's been swept up, the drunks are passed out in the potted palm trees and the limos are back in their garages.

While By Neddie Jingo! alas did not win the nod from the Academy (it would have been delusional to the point of gibbering idiocy to have expected to win in that competitive field), I'm nevertheless profoundly grateful even to have been a finalist, and thank you thank you THANK YOU to my scrotum-tickling friends who voted for me in both the preliminary and the finals.

Congratulations to Digby, who won the Best Writing category. Also to Susie Madrak, the runner-up. You both beat a flippin' Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair. Think about that.

Go check out the winners list at Wampum. Drop a groat into the tip jar on your way in.


helmut said...

Ehhh. You and Wolcott deserved the Best Writing Award. I missed the final cut on Deserving of Wider Recognition by just a few votes, I'm told. Clearly, we deserve wider recognition. I'm hiring Carville next year.

Matt said...

That wut don't kill ya just makes ya stronger. Go get 'em next year. Only nine more months of blood, sweat, and tears to go!

glue birl said...

I agree with Helmut, except for one thing -- Best Writing should have been a three-way tie between Wolcott, you and Mannion.

Well, except for two things, Helmut and I should've tied for "Wider Recognition."

But at least I got to tickle your scrotum a few times in the process.

That's the only thing that makes me feel a little less blue reading the final results.

Bobby Lightfoot said...

yeah, I tried to vote for you many times but the fucking thing wouldn't let me in. God damn Diebold Awards from where I sit. Just saying.

It's probably some stupid fucking thing I'm supposed to know about and now I look like an idiot.