Monday, April 03, 2006

This is Wal-Mart. Expect the WORST.

This viral thing, whatever the hell it is, has really knocked me for a loop. When my body is not trying to reject a lung, my digestion leads me on a merry chase for 36 hours. No sooner than that subsides, suddenly I get the symptoms of an ear infection. Then that goes away and it's back with the lungs again. Been almost a week with this shit now. Uncle! Uncle!

So not much inspiration on the bloggery front, I'm afraid. Hard to come up with the boffo readables when you're covered in muck-sweat and the everpresent taste of Hall's Mentho-Lyptus is beginning to make you long for a quick and painless death.

Like a knight to the rescue comes eRobin bearing Content, sweet Content.

A worker bee at a Florida Wal-Mart has been keeping a blog -- tart-tongued, acidic, occasionally venomous, and frequently very funny. I sure hope none of you treat service-worker folks like the subjects of some of these stories.
"Do you sell compression hose?"

The noise level from all the people talking and this one screaming child (dear God, leave it at home if you can't control it) is deafening, so I ask her to repeat what she asked for. She gives me one of those "ARE YOU STUPID?" looks and says "Compression hose - you wear it on a plane."

I tell her honestly that I don't know and that I've never returned one. If we do sell it, it will be in the Pharmacy, which is open until 6 p.m. And I tell her that the Pharmacy is just past Register 23.

She moves in closer, then barks. "I want you to call up and ask if they have it."

Now, I try not to sigh at this, because I can tell that this witch would have me fired for "not helping her." So I call. They tell me what's up.

I get off the phone and tell her this. "Ma'am, they have a very small selection. It is on a display rack right next to the pharmacy window."

That wasn't good enough for her. She fires back. "Why didn't you ask them what brands they had and which sizes?"

I give up at this point, and make a passive-aggressive move to get her to go away. "Ma'am, do you need me to repeat the directions to the pharmacy?"


apocalipstick said...

What this point (and the blog itself) point out is that Wal-Mart doesn't operate in a vacuum. It has marketed itself to the hateful, the close-minded, the irreversibly stupid, and has produced a corporate culture reflective of that clientele.

apocalipstick said...

What this post, arrrgggh, what this post, points out is...

teh l4m3 said...

Ooh. That's what I needed: A link to a site that will get my bile up. Thanks!

Annapolitan said...

Yikes. I should start a blog about my experiences shopping in Wal-Mart and Sams Club. There's a reason I refuse to shop there anymore, and apocalipstick -- and this 'Behind the Counter' person -- have just articulated it perfectly.